We provide the reliable reporting with customization interim design‘s need that compliance with Cambodian Accounting Standard (CAS), Cambodian Standard of Auditing (CSA) and International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) or General Accounting Accepted Principle (US GAAP).

We are able to help and train how to customize the reporting with your real business by introducing the many type of business report format with being simple understanding of critical important indicator about strength and weakness of business performance.

We customize reports as you need in real operation or compliance with reporting standard such as:

  • Income Statement (Profit & Loss)
  • Balance Sheet (Asset, Liability and Equity)
  • Statement of Cash Flow
  • Statement of Shareholder’s Equity

On the other hand, Management reports are very important to prepare on every monthly, quarterly and yearly to present to CEO, Managing Director, General Manager,  Board and head of each department to evaluate the business performance in present and future.

We can consult and provide the management reports services:

  • Income Statement (Profit and Loss) – Actual Vs. Budget
  • Balance sheet – Actual Vs. Budget
  • Cash flow Statement – Actual Vs. Budget
  •  Budgeting Planning
  • Costing and Expense Analyze – Actual Vs. Budget
  • Cash forecasting Plan
  • Financial Reports Analyze
  • Comment and Notes on Financial statement