Accounting Services

With our specialized skill many years in providing outsources training of accounting services and bookkeeping solutions for the different industry of small or medium firm business. We guarantee to provide the high quality and secure financial accounting and bookkeeping services.

Financial Consulting

We provide financial consulting of optional optimizing insight of financial decision as need in current and forecast of your individual or business.

With our expertizes many years, we can provide you a financial advisor on an interim basis of financial operation or guideline of business preparation for short term and long term contract. Furthermore, we can also assist in helping your company hire a new CFO or finance team that will fit well with your company.

Reporting Services

We provide the reliable reporting with customization interim design‘s need that compliance with Cambodian Accounting Standard (CAS), Cambodian Standard of Auditing (CSA) and International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) or General Accounting Accepted Principle (US GAAP).

We are able to help and train how to customize the reporting with your real business by introducing the many type of business report format with being simple understanding of critical important indicator about strength and weakness of business performance.

Tax Services

Assist to improve the more quality of tax compliance and flexible tax solution in your operation and to reduce the tax burden with risk in tax paper’s preparation to compliance with regulation and law.

HR Consulting

The interviewing and reference checking techniques, along with our objective assessments provide us with the basis for minimizing many risks inherent in selection. We provide you the both non-experienced (fresh graduate) and experienced candidate to fit your requirement.

Company Legal and Registration

Business legal and company registration is very important to present your business activities that compliance with law and regulation of government and build more trust in industry competitive market.


Ensuring our workforce is equipped with the technical and interpersonal skills for tomorrow.
Everyone is capable of being a manager. Every manager needs to be a good human resource (people) manager. The best managers are those who are superior in their ability to develop, challenge, motivate, lead and inspire their teams, with many years of training from our expert.