Cambodian Accounting Management Solutions (CAMS) Co., Ltd. is a fast growing company working with commitment to the quality and the excellence in providing products and services of software & database development, and finance and accounting consultancy, HR Consultancy, Recruitment and Professional Training.

Our Mission Statement

Provide timely, accurate and dependable solutions to our customers by anticipating and serving the customers needs with integrity, customer service and dedication.

Our Core Values

  • Leading Eco A to Z IT solutions
  • Concentrate on localization
  • Innovation and Modernization
  • Customer and Business Oriented
  • Teamwork

Our management Style

Our management style can best be described by our core values, which every member of our team is committed to and which has shaped our management style:

  • Character
  • Commitment
  • Humility
  • Integrity
  • Passion
  • Positive
  • Teamwork

CAMS has a proven product development and service processes we can put to work for you, or we can use your process. Either way, we ensure “Innovation with Certaintyā€¯

Innovation: Our team members have a breadth of skills, talents and experience developing products in a variety of human resources, accounting, and other mission-critical applications. Our culture is one that promotes free-thinking, creativity, and enthusiasm.

Certainty: We work with you to create a thorough and accurate requirement definition to ensure there are no unnecessary surprises and that projects complete on time and within budget.

Why Choose CAMS?

Choosing a professional management company that your company will ultimately be partnering with is not something to be taken lightly. Selecting a company can pay huge dividends if it is the right management company or be very costly and disruptive if it is the wrong management company. Although many company management firms will perform some services well, none provide the full spectrum of services and have the staff, expertise, technology and commitment to customer service as we do at CAMS.

CAMS is the firm that has taken the time to study the issues facing our customers and determining if we really do have the solutions your company needs. We do not make promises we cannot keep, in the unlikely event we are NOT the right fit for your company, we will not only tell you, but we will also tell you what firm we feel is the best fit. We also are one of the few firms in the market today that has the expertise, and experience to help guide your company through the soft cloudy waters of association management. We are committed, not just to identify the problem, but to bring to the table solutions that are easily implemented and will provide a smooth, seemingly invisible, pathway to a positive result.

CAMS is proud of our ability to meet or exceed your needs on a consistent basis. We have taken great pains to ensure that fabulous customer service is something enjoyed by ALL of our customers.